unnamedOne of my favorite parts of Fantasia are the shorts. Not to diminish too much from the excellent short film spotlights, but I particularly enjoy when a short film is screened before a feature length film. The Fantasia International Film Festival doesn’t show previews before films, but what does happen from time to time is a delightful short film.

It’s a practice I wish was more prevelant in all theaters, as lots of great short films end up getting made and never end up being seen on the big screen, usually relegated to Vimeo or YouTube, or maybe an extra feature on a DVD.

Enter Sid Zanforlin’s shrot “Never Tear Us Apart”, a homegrown horror short film from the home of Fantasia: Quebec.

Short-form horror can be a lot of fun, and it takes a pretty good handle on the genre to pack the right amount of humour, gore, suspense and twists into a tiny package.

“Never Tear Us Apart” has a run time of about 6 minutes (and that includes closing credits) and manages to touch on all the important parts of the genre. The asshole friend, a few good and gory kills, a chase and a macabre twist. The fact that it hits all these nice little notes in such a small run time and tells a concise, clean little horror tale is a good testament to the love of the genre that Zanforlin must have.

It’s worth a watch.

“Never Tear Us Apart” screens tonight right before the martial arts action adventure “Baaghi” tonight at 10:00 pm, get tickets HERE.

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