So this was supposed to me my Fuck Mondays post. Instead, i spent all of Monday in the fucking Courthouse. Details on that story will be posted for the next Fuck Mondays.

Since i was planning to write about Halloween and include a couple of photos, i post it today since everyone is still into checking out costumes and shit.

Some of you may know already, but for quite some time now i haven`t had a 9 to 5 job. For the last year i`ve been working Fri-Sat-Sun, from 8pm to 3am. This is absolute balls, as it kills my social life. Money has been a bit tight lately so i decided to be a grown up for the first time even on Halloween, and not take a night off work to go celebrate with my friends.

Lucky for me, a couple of friends asked me to do their make up before they went out!  I can at least creatively participate in Halloween yaaayyyy!

One of these two friends is a cute girl who has never, and i mean never slutted it up on Halloween. She`s more the type to show up in a onesy cow suit (Which she has)

So this year, she shows up incredibly excited and tells me “Sophie you have to help me! I wanna look slutty for Halloween!” I laugh and tell her that of course, i will help her achieve this goal. She then elaborates on the concept. “I want to be like… a dead Angel. So make me look dead and creepy. But you know, hot.”

So i lent her my black lace corset made her look Tim Burton Sexy, hair and makeup and all.

With her Hr Giger tattoos it totally rocked.

My other friend is none other than Matt Wilson, founder of B.A.T.L. He showed up in a nice suit and asked me to do “whatever you think would look cool with this suit”  All i could come up with on the fly at that time was some sort of lizard demon thing. So here it is.

It did look cool, but not as much as the next night, when he showed up and asked me to do something for another party. I decided a bold look would work better and make a stronger impression.  You know, for the ladies.

It worked better, i think  🙂

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