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It’s November. You may have heard your cooler, hipper friends refer to this month as “Movember”. If you are cool and hip yourself you probably already know what that means. If you’re not, well, time to get educated.

You know how October is breast cancer awareness month? You know how people show their support and raise awareness for breast cancer by purchasing and wearing those little pink ribbons or just wearing pink things in general (like Carey Price’s breast cancer awareness goalie gear)? Well, Movember is like that, only for prostate cancer (or other men’s health issues like depression). You know what’s more awesome than pink ribbons (no offense to the ribbon thing, it’s cool and all)?


The 9to5 (dot cc) crew and our extended family of friends and contributors will be donating our upper lips to grow moustaches for the cause (you don’t even want to know what Sophie has planned, it’s probably NSFW) for the next 30 days to raise money and awareness for prostate cancer and men’s health. Click the image to be forwarded to our official ‘mospace to make a (generous) donation to the cause.

Some Facts:

  • On average men live 4-5 years less than women
  • 1 in 7 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime
  • 25,500 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer this year in Canada
The Movember Rules:
  • The official rules state you need to start clean shaven and cannot connect your moustache to chin hair or cheek hair, it doesn’t seem to expressly forbid chin hair or cheek hair though.
  • Screw THAT.
  • As much as possible (since who wants to shave every day? Stubble is bound to happen), the 9to5 (dot cc) crew will strive to maintain a moustache and only a ‘stache.

This page will be updated as often as possible with the progress of sweet sweet moustaches for now though, we’ve got Day 1 pics of Scott and I (he shaved this morning, I shaved yesterday).