So, I know that 9to5 (dot cc) has been a little quiet lately. A perfect storm of events has caused us to go into a miniature hibernation, we’re taking steps to shake off the rust and try to get back up and running soon and I still have a few podcasts to post so we’re not dead yet, don’t worry. One of the reasons that we’re missing our regular weekly commitments has to do with the fact that I have a new job that requires me to be significantly more responsible than my previous job. Papa’s gotta pay the bills. Anyhow, I just can’t seem to find the time to write my WTF World stuff right now, though once I get settled in that might come back. We’ve also been slacking off on the Fuck Mondays and Fine Arts Fridays, and well, lazy comic creators that we are the 9to5 (illustrated) stuff is also sort of temporarily on hiatus.

Enough about that though. All of that has nothing to do with the title of this post. I have a lot of music, some of which I’ve never even listened to. I’ve slowly been trying to give some of the stuff a listen in the name of variety. I plug some new stuff on my MP3 player and listen to it on the way to work. I intend to write about it.

It takes me around 30 minutes to get from my place to the office, so sometimes I might only be talking about half an album, it it’s really good, I’ll talk about the other half on another day. I’ll try to do this on a regular basis, since it doesn’t require the same amount of research and general global awareness that WTF World does I might be able to keep it up a little better for the time being. Think of these as sort of miniposts and don’t expect me to research these things. Do expect my knowledge of some of these bands to vary wildly. Oscar Wilde-ly. That’s a gay joke.

First up? The first seven tracks of City and Colour’s 2005 album “Sometimes”.

So, here’s what I know: City and Colour is Canadian. They may or may not be a band, it certainly just sounds like one guy with a guitar but maybe there’s another guy in the mix somewhere or another.

So when I need to be at work before 8:00 am I tend to choose stuff that’s a little more mellow and laid back, to sort of ease my way into the day. In that regard, this album was a nice soundtrack to leaving the house when the sun is just barely up. It’s really just a guy and an acoustic guitar, playing sad songs about love lost and stuff.

That’s where it lost me though. The tunes themselves were just these nice little acoustic riffs with a guy sort of carrying a half-decent melody over top. Sort of reminded me of the original compositions of every CEGEP arts student with a guitar. I have no problems with sad, depressing tunes, I love Elliot Smith and the Eels, both of which can get pretty fucking depressing pretty fucking quick. Elliot Smith’s a great comparison too actually, since it’s also just a guy and a guitar. Where Smith succeeds and City and Colour (in my opinion) fails is that Smith rarely sounds like a little bitch.

The overall “little bitch” factor was sort of lost on me for the first few tracks, likely because I was half asleep. As I got closer to work though I began to pick up more on his lyrics, here’s what I remember (all lyrics are approximate):

You’re gone now, 3 months is an eternity.
No, it’s not. What are you, 16 years old? Summer break is soooo long.

Keep your scissors away from me, you can’t cut me my skin is tough.
You know what the opposite of being tough is? That lyric. Hilariously, the first few times he said that lyric I misheard it as “Keep your sisters away from me” and I thought it was maybe like a closet pedophile thing.

Your words are like knives, they peel my skin and cut me.
Where he was indestructible against scissors, his weakness is clearly knives.

Seriously though, if he had any follow up lyrics in these tracks about overcoming his admittedly sissy boy reactions to seemingly everything a girl has ever done to him it wouldn’t be so bad. Maybe in the last 3 tracks he ties it together and grows a pair. I will likely never know though, since I doubt I will go back to “Sometimes” to finish it off.  The tunes are not terrible and the actual vocal quality is not too bad either, but the lyrics? Seriously they sound like the thoughts of a kid in high school who just got cheated on by a girl who probably doesn’t even know his middle name. They’ve been dating for 6 weeks, he thought it was forever, she thought it was cute the way he wore skinny jeans and had his hear in his eyes. Once they got to know each other she got bored and he thought it was love.

I give the 70% of the album that I heard a pair of balls that need to be grown.

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