We posted this one originally last year in the playoff run for the Habs. Somehow in the transition and site building we actually lost this original post. It does however get Googled a lot apparently, and we’re the ones who thought of it (I see we pretty liberally, this was Scott’s idea if memory serves). Don’t believe me? Anywhere I’ve seen the photo you can still see the “9to5.cc” in the bottom corner. That’s the website you’re on right now (if you hadn’t noticed yet).

Anyhow, preseason starts tonight for the Habs (started last night for a few other teams). No matter what happens this season, for 82 regular games and the 16 wins we need to take him the cup for the 25th time we just need to:

We had a version of it with the Habs logo on it (like the one Johnny Le Canuck posted here) but we took it down so as not to tread on any copyrights.

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