Shaun Majumder has probably the craziest comedy origin story of anyone in Canada. First of all he is from Newfoundland, which I guess isn’t that crazy (CODCO certainly has some comedic pedigree and also brought us Mary Walsh, another 22 Minutes alumni). But he was also, as he puts it, “beige.” Meaning that he grew up in Newfoundland being of half European and half Indian descent.

So that’s a bit of an unusual start.  Unusual as in rare at least. Statistics Canada cites that only 0.3% of Newfoundlanders come from a South Asian origin.

But it doesn’t stop there. One of Shaun’s first roles in the public eye was as a “Slimemaster” on a YTV gameshow called “Uh Oh!” where Shaun basically toured the country and made kids get covered it goop.


Anyways, we talk to Shaun about what inspired his upcoming one-man show “Hate”, life after 22 Minutes, his upcoming fatherhood and more. Be sure to catch Shaun at either “Hate” on July 27th or as part of the Anthony Anderson Gala on July 28th. Tickets and info on

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