The Montreal podcast that asks Jordan Robson-Cramer (Phonopolis) & Jason Grimmer (Commotion Theater): “How would you define success?” (Asked by Sergio da Silva back in episode 199).

To kick things off in the “post-Walter era” (which I think is kind of our Attitude Era, which makes this our Ruthless Aggression Era) we have not one, but two guests for you: Jordan Robson-Cramer and Jason Grimmer!

Jordan is the co-owner of one of Montreal’s historic record stores Phonopolis and Jason Grimmer is on the forefront of our city’s cutting edge improv scene.

You may have heard that Phonopolis (among other record stores) is currently finding themselves in a very absurd situation where they are staring down a $2,900 fine for staying open late last year during Record Store Day. While Mayor Valérie Plante has said the city will be extending weekend hours for record storesPhonopolis and the other businesses involved are still trying to get the fines dropped altogether.

Towards the end of this episode, Jordan asks our listeners to continue to shop at local record stores and to consider putting your out of town friends up in your home instead of AirBnBs.

Meanwhile, Jason Grimmer (who works part time at a record store as well, in his case Cheap Thrills) has recently started hosting monthly improv shows over at Mainline Theater under the banner of “Commotion Theater” and his ongoing series “Night Drive” continues next Saturday, Feb 29 at Le P’tit Impro.

Stepping in for the co-hosting duties on this episode is Lawrence Corber, who is a very busy man who you should probably follow on Facebook.

As always, a big thank you to the providers of our theme song: Aural Turpitude!

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