The Montreal podcast that asks Jonathan “Jobi” Bouchard (one of the contestants on CBC’s “Race Against the Tide”): If you were stranded on a desert island, what would be the one song and one luxury item you would bring with you? As asked by Sue Montgomery back in episode 238.

Jonathan Bouchard probably spent his time on the beach as a kid the same way most of us do: building sand castles. However, unlike most of us, he never stopped. Known professionally around the world as Jobi, Jonathan is an accomplished sculptor and sand is just one of the many mediums to which he applies his craft.

And it’s his sand sculpting ability that landed him as one of the contestants on CBC’s upcoming show “Race Against the Tide” where competitors literally do just that. They have to create large scale sand sculptures before the massive tide of the Bay of Fundy sweeps them away.

Jobi joins Chris and I to talk about being on a reality show, the most common questions he is asked as a sand sculptor, sand sculpting competitions around the world and more.

Listen now and catch “Race Against the Tide” (hosted by friend of the show Shaun Majumder) starting September 9th on CBC and on demand at CBC Gem. Follow Jobi on Facebook at JOBi Sculptures.


Credit Where Credit is Due

As always, a big thank you to the providers of our theme song: Aural Turpitude!

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