BATTLEWAR returns to Go Plug Yourself! Montreal’s hippest independant wrestling federation has been consistently putting on spectactular shows nearly every month at Foufounes Electriques for the last five years featuring the likes El Generico, Kevin Steen and 2 Cold Scorpio to name a few. If those names don’t ring any bells you might know them by their more popular WWE names: Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens and Flash Funk. But what makes BATTLEWAR almost a sure bet on any given Sunday is their core roster of local wrestlers. Guys like “Big Magic” Shane Matthews, Surfer Mitch Thompson, Shayne Hawke, Mathieu St-Jacques, Thomas Dubois and so many others that I feel guilty for having started a list. James McGee used to actively wrestle in BATTLEWAR under his ring name “Twiggy” but now works behind the scenes in the “official” capacity of Talent Coordinator. We talk about what’s going at BATTLEWAR lately, Una Sigaretta and farting in the bathroom. Also, tell Mike Carrozza we talk about Big Brother. gpys138

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