The Montreal podcast that asks James McGee: How do you kill your enemy: Up close with a knife, poison or sniper rifle? As asked by the suddenly terrifying Sean Campbell from TSN 690.

When all of this whole Covid-19 stuff started going down one man was brave enough to declare that he was “pro-Covid”. That man was James Mcgee. Where you and I felt drained by the pandemic, James Mcgee saw opportunity.

The opportunity to start a talkshow on Instagram.

Except unlike all those other talk shows on Instagram, this one is still happening 7 months later. And now it’s on Twitch.

Listen now, enjoy the show, and check out “At Home with James” because let’s be real, what else are you doing right now? You’re supposed to be staying indoors.

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As always, a big thank you to the providers of our theme song: Aural Turpitude!

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