Hello all!

I was rummaging through my art boxes in the basement the other day and came across my old drawings pile. Oh the nostalgia! Aside from a ridiculous amount of Sailor Moon fan art and various other anime style doodles (i had a thing for it like 10 years ago), i found a few interesting drawing i had done when i`d discovered Chinese Inks & Brushes. I even took a class!

Anyways these kind of stood out to me, and i like the style that popped out regardless of my inexperience with the medium. Blue Singy Man

Here we see a blue singing-type guy man thing! I think he`s funky and that blue suits him. As you can see, i was experimenting with color a little. Actually i really like the way this all looks i think i`ll pick this up again. Maybe do a creepy style 9to5 Crew pin up like this… yeah.

Smokey Tentacles!This one i really love. Like a lot. I have been planning to paint something like this on my bedroom wall lately. Maybe not in black though. Anyways, i like the shadowy grey splotches behind the tendrils, i think it really adds to the creepy vibe feel. And below here is a weird eye sketch! I don`t like the lashes so much, but the skin lines, shadow and eyebrows look neat i think. Aaannnnd for some reason i drew a rather dark looking Harry Potter. He has a haunted look i find interesting. Anyways that`s it for today! I`ll have more Retro Sophie Art for you all next time 🙂

Weird Eye SketchHaunting Harry

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