Remember old school parking meters? Remember that if you drove away from them and there was still time left on the meter the next driver would be able to use that time and we’d all high five and be friends? Remember how when the Ville de Montreal introduced the new meters that all changed?

In fact, if you put money in the meter for a spot that already has money in it, putting in the new money resets the whole thing and even if the guy ahead of you had 2 hours left, you get none if it. The city? The city gets all of it. They could be getting paid multiple time for the same duration of time. What a nifty scheme. However, there is a solution. Or at least, something you can do if you feel like being a nice guy. Is there extra time left on your meter when you’re getting back to your car? Sweet. Fold up your ticket and shove it in the pay meter (as shown below). It’s not foolproof, but at least there’s a chance you’ll be helping someone out afterwards. If you find a ticket for your spot and save some money that way, I am sure it will feel like the best thing in the world. 

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