Oh man, I can’t even begin to do justice to how special this episode is. The sheer volume of specialness is a crushing weight upon my person. Walter and I did some run and gun podcasting at the Hyatt bar last week for the 30th Anniversary of Just for Laughs. The result? A two part podcast special devoted to some of the great talents at the festival. Tune in to part one (this episode) to hear Steve Patterson from CBC Radio’s The Debaters, Just for Laughs 2011 Home Grown winner Dave Merheje, College Humor’s Patrick Cassels and finally Kenny Hotz (from Kenny vs Spenny and Triumph of the Will). This is just the first part! Next week we’ll have part 2 with DeAnne Smith, Paul F. Tompkins and none other than Mick Foley! Tell your friends.

Also, just to put another spin on the confusion about Patrick Cassels (who is not named Steve OR Alex), I somehow mis-remembered the wrong name that Walter kept calling him. So in our commentary, I thought Walter kept calling him Steve when Walter was actually calling him Alex. Either way, his name is Patrick and he was awesome.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of our Just for Laughs Special Presentation next week! DeAnne Smith! Paul F. Tompkins! Mick Foley! You should literally be looking forward to that for the next seven days.

Seven days.