We close off the Fringe series of episodes with our guest Sam Mullins representing his one man story-telling show “Tinfoil Dinosaur”. We talk about the show and seeing the lighter side of the pitfalls and turmoils that so often plague people following their dream. Wow, that sounds depressing. I did say “lighter side” though and as you’ll see in this episode, Sam is a master of taking situations that might seem (and are) terrifying into something hilarious.

We also talk about dealing with social anxiety disorder, my personal love of Gordon Korman, working a travelling Fringe show, Sam’s most difficult role as an actor (that involved blackface despite his strong opinions against it) and of course the show itself. The perfect way to cap off the series of Fringe epsisodes. Hopefully we’ll do the same next year, it’s been great, stay tuned for my weekend Fringe plans, where I’ll highlight the shows with the best buzz that you can still catch as the Fringe closes out this weekend.

You can still catch Sam with Tinfoil Dinosaur for the following dates:
Friday, June 22, 2012 – 22:45
Saturday, June 23, 2012 – 18:00
Sunday, June 24, 2012 – 19:15

Also, if you’re listening outside of Montreal, there’s a chance Sam is going to be touring his show (or his all new upcoming show if you live in Vancouver) in your area.

Follow Sam on his tour blog here.

Fun fact, this is as close as we’ve come to a “live” podcast ever, with the finished product being up and online just over an hour after recording! I mean, that doesn’t really make too much of a difference but it feels like an accomplishment to me.

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