In our very special Christmas edition of Go Plug Yourself we sit down with none other than the extremely talented and awesome (not to mention friendly) artist of Swamp Thing (not to mention his previous incredible endeavors like Batman Inc. and about one million X-Men titles). He`s our first graphic artist and was kind enough to invite us into his home to sit down for an hour and just shoot the shit. He also offered us beer, which was pretty great.

Seriously though, Yanick was a lot of fun to hang out with and we talk about all kinds of things for over an hour of delicious comicbook geeking out. We talk about:

  • The joys of digital art
  • Working with Grant Morrison and Alan Moore
  • Working on Batman Inc
  • Getting started in the industry
  • The new Star Wars films
  • The creative freedom from working on Swamp Thing
  • Creator owned comics
  • And more!
If you’re even remotely a fan of Yanick or any of his work you should check this episode out.


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