This was supposed to be our Valentine’s Day episode, but then, shit got real.  Now, a week later, we share it with you. It’s a good thing Mike hosts a weekly comedy event since the Valentine’s Day special show that he talks about is now in the past. We’re shaking the rust off here people. If you haven’t guessed by his name in the title, joining us on this episode is Mr. Gross himself: Mike Paterson! (He played Mr. Gross on Edible Incredible on CBC guys, I wasn’t just being super insulting).

Anyways, Mike was awesome enough to sit down with us to discuss all manner of things. I swear, if you get back to the part where we talk about anal insertions we get to some quality stuff.

  • How Mike P may have been the inspiration for a famous catchphrase of none other than The Rock (yes, the professional wrestler).
  • Being Mr. Gross on a CBC children’s show.
  • Pointing and laughing at people who are simply driving their cars.
  • Bustin’ caps and macking honeys.
You can catch Mike at any number of comedy shows across this great country of ours (Canada) and our adorable neighbours to the South (Mexico). Or, if you live in this great city of ours (Montreal) you have the chance to see him host 5$ Tuesdays every week at ComedyWorks. You know what? You should really just follow him on Facebook. He’s way busier than us. He is working on something RIGHT NOW.
That isn’t like a scoop or anything, he’s just always working.