So, way back at the beginning of the Fantasia International Film Festival we were contacted by the good people who made the documentary Kung Fu Elliot. We ended up getting a screener for it and watched it nearly two weeks ago. Imagine how hard it’s been for us to keep quiet about this movie in that interim! It’s just that good. When we found out that we would get to sit down with the director and producer of Kung Fu Elliot we were even more pleased. Obviously we talked about this movie on today’s episode of 9to5 Goes to Fantasia and had great things to say about it, but it’s a whole other story to sit down and shoot the shit with the guys who followed Elliot around for 2 years making this very special film. Lucky for you it screens tonight! So there’s still time to get tickets HERE. 7:25 pm tonight, J.A. De Seve Theatre. In the meantime listen to this episode (and enjoy sweet background piano music). Don’t worry about spoilers, we keep it spoiler free so everyone can enjoy this episode.kungfu1

Also, you may notice that this is two Go Plug Yourself episodes back to back (and also that this is Wednesday not Thursday). In order to accommodate the premiere and get this episode out in time we shuffled the episode releases around a little bit, 9ES will be back next Thursday!

Keep up with the ongoing search for Elliot (and release information) on the Kung Fu Elliot official website.
Follow the film on Twitter @KungFuElliot
And, if you can’t make it out to Fantasia tonight, you can get the movie on iTunes.

As always,  a big thank you to the providers of our theme song: Aural Turpitude!

Kung Fu Elliot frame grab 06