Are you looking for something amazing to do every night of the week next week? I’ll bet you are. That’s why you should be going to the 2013 edition of the Montreal Sketch Festival at Theatre Ste-Catherine. You can see Go Plug Yourself’s own Walter J. Lyng on Wednesday and you will probably see a whole lot of our very special guest Alain Mercieca as well. Why? Because he owns the damn theater son! Alain sits down with us to talk about… wait, what the hell did we talk about? I’m sure we talked about the festival at some point but I also have a distinct impression that we talked about The Goonies.


You can follow Alain on Twitter: @alainmercieca
You can Like Theatre Ste-Catherine on Facebook
You can check out the lineup and get tickets over atthe official Montreal Sketch Festival page
You can watch Episode 1 of “The Conch” over on Youtube

As always,  a big thank you to the providers of our theme song: Aural Turpitude!

Montreal Sketch Festival 2013 runs May 20-26 at Theatre Ste-Catherine, 264 Sainte Catherine Street East, Berri-UQAM metro.

I had to double check the spelling of Alain’s name like a hundred fucking times.
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