Here’s a tip for all you creative types who want to be on the show: buttering us up will get you places. Kyle gushed to us in person about how great the show was and how it was the best and most fun he’s ever had on the internet (which I presume includes finding pictures of tub girls) and how we were great hosts. Only after that (and getting us all the somas, crank, blow and hookers we could handle which, for the record, is a lot) did he ask to be on the show again. Of course we said yes. Or, more specifically, I said yes and Walter said “watch me bite a piece of my own tongue off” which he then did. I guess spitting his own blood into Kyle’s face was a bit of an affirmation that the show was going to happen though, so let’s stick with that.

Anyhow, Kyle wanted to come on since he’s formed a new sketch comedy troop (or is it troupe?) called “Get Off the Stage” and he wanted to talk about that. So naturally we talked about other stuff instead. 

I can’t seem to find any sort of official page for “Get Off the Stage” so here’s Kyle’s direct Facebook page instead. They have a show coming up on April 5th at the Montreal Improv. So go to that.

UPDATE: Those lazy Get Off the Stage guys actually created a Facebook page and it is here. GO TO IT. I’m not even bothered by the fact that their font and black and white scheme is highly derivative of 9to5 (dot cc). Fun fact, we invented typewriter fonts AND the absence of colour way back in 2011.

As always,  a big thank you to the providers of our theme song: Aural Turpitude!