Walter and I are very excited about you listening to this next episode. Most listeners probably know that Walter and I have more than a passing interest in indie low-budget films. So you can imagine our excitement when we booked bonafide indie film star John Fallon and award winning indie director Christian Viel to talk about their upcoming crime action film “Billy Trigger” (co-starring Fred “The Hammer” Williamson no less). Viel and Fallon talk about the process of making flicks by the skin of your teeth, working with Williamson and then things get… blue. Not blue in the sense of feeling sad, but blue in the sense of “Bleu Nuit”. Walter talks about his former life as a porn writer and John shares an amazing story about a girl dressed as a clown. We take pride in having our guests open up on Go Plug Yourself but this is a whole other level. 


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