We are continuing our non-stop hot streak of guests with none other than one of the biggest names in Montreal comedy: Joey Elias! In addition to regularly headlining rooms all across the city, Joey is the host of the CJAD Comedy Show every night of the work week. Joey also runs clinics for upstart Montreal comics, so yeah, he’s a big part of the scene and we’re lucky to have him.

Joey talks a little about his comedy and comedy clinic but (possibly more importantly) Joey also takes the time to talk to us about recent events concerning the contraversial French sign that was placed up at Villa Maria metro (and his response on Facebook that exploded in popularity). If you haven’t heard the story (the whole story) why not listen to it now?

All this and more on Go Plug Yourself.


Joey also provides the most Canadian of all possible 5 Question Answers.

Listen to Joey Monday to Friday at 11:00 pm on CJAD.
Check out Joey’s Official Page.
Follow Joey on Twitter and Like him on Facebook.



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