So we jumped on the pretty big bandwagon of “Chris Betts Farewell” specials. It seems that his monstrous ego could only be sated after having special appearances on every podcast in town and having a starring spot on every comedy stage in the city. Then, and only then, was he ready to leave. Once we were finally good and sick of him, he left us. Not with a whimper, but with another going away party. This episode also has a surprise guest. Totally hoaxed us.


Yeah, Walter couldn’t be here for this one so we had Jono from 9ES step in and cover for him. He’s not the special guest though, the special guest is even more special than Jon (sorry Jon). What are you even waiting for? Why are you still reading this and not listening to the episode? Chris Betts is gone now, he does not live here anymore. Listen to this podcast again and again the way you would listen to an answering machine message from a dead loved one.

Oh yeah, as always when we get a big gang of people on an episode the volume levels do fluctuate a little bit, I tried my best to make sure it was audible though, even though it was difficult with all the uproarious laughter going on.

Enjoy the show kids, thanks again Mr. Betts.

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