I was actually going to name this episode Sugar “Fucking” Sammy but then I realized that somehow that might infringe on his public persona. Like people would start looking for Sugar “Fucking” Sammy tickets and stuff and be unable to find them. Who am I kidding? Sammy’s bilingual show at the Olympia right now “You’re Gonna Rire – The Show Franglais” has sold out 40 nights and he’s just added 5 more. Keep in mind, we did this interview Monday so at the rate this guy’s tickets sell they’re probably already sold out. If they’re not, you can buy them here. Buy them now, we’ll wait. As of right now there are still tickets left so uh yeah, get on that.

Seriously though, Sammy was cool enough to come down to Grumpy’s and give us a little of his time to talk about what he’s been up to lately. If you’ve been listening to Sammy promote the show in other media I can assure you that he’s never done it like he did with us. Oh sure, we talk about the show but then, you get special Go Plug Yourself treats:

  • We talk about the best venues in the city
  • Up and coming comics to watch out for (coming soon to Go Plug Yourself no doubt)
  • French and English ongoing issues in Montreal
  • Then, perhaps most importantly, we seriously talk a lot about Law and Order.
Where else? Seriously, I want to know, where else but here?