We talk a little bit in this episode about the fact that we’ve got a mini-episode with none other than Jake the Snake Roberts ready to go, but Walter and I have decided hang on to that one for a little bit to not fully overload our regular listeners with our wrestling obsessions. However, this episode is basically just about wrestling.

Indie wrestler Genesis Johnny North and Dave Simon from Wrestling Uncensored (and Dave also hosts Ringside Report) on late night TSN 690 join Walter and I to talk a little about what got them into wrestling, the current state of WWE, and Sunday’s upcoming PPV “Money in the Bank.” Johnny shares some stories of backyard wrestling and getting what was probably the first package pile driver by Kevin Owens (Steen at the time) a long, long time ago.gpys109-genesisanddave

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As always, a big thank you to the providers of our theme song: Aural Turpitude!