You may not know this, but 9to5 (dot cc) has a bit of a history with Stéphanie, as we briefly talk about in the podcast, Steph helped out a lot with helping smaller, independent members of the media (that’s us!) get hooked up at the Just For Laughs festival during her time there. Well, she’s also an actor and a dancer and a storyteller. She’s bringing a revised version of her one woman show “Blindside” to Montreal next week. March 17-19 at Theatre Sainte Catherine (more info and tickets here).

Oh, we are also joined by our longtime friend and secret third host Stephen Trepanier!

Also, this is a phone in interview so you can marvel along with Walter for the first few minutes with how it in no way sounds different from a regular episode (except that Stéphanie sounds like she’s on the phone). Enjoy the show!



Check out the Promo Video for “Blindside”
Follow Steph on Twitter @stephanielefty and join the Facebook event for Blindside
Check out her Official Page as well

As always, a big thank you to the providers of our theme song: Aural Turpitude!

Credit to Thaddeus Hink for the photo of Steph.

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