We’ve decided to double our audience this week! How? We have not one but two guests! Our usual audience of three (Walter, myself and the guest) is now an audience of four! Wait, that’s not doubling our audience at all. That’s only increasing our audience by 25%. Fuck, math is totally not my strong subject. Joining us this week is the remaining 2/3rds of the Burritoville Shut up and Laugh Comedy Crew: Chris Betts and Morgan O’Shea! These two guys are so funny that literally 5/7ths of the podcast is just us laughing at each other. Well, I was laughing. They were telling me to shut up over and over again. A hilarious comedy circlejerk.chris betts, morgan o'shea


Morgan is from Calgary so we talk about the rodeo we went to. Morgan has never been to the rodeo.

Both these guys are all over the place in the Montreal comedy scene and you can seriously see them all over town. And you should. If you see any of their names up there on the marquee, you should demand entrance to the theater. Demand them by name at your local playhouse.

As always, shits get a little rough around the edges. I don’t want to mislead you, we talk about rape in varying degress of seriousness several times. In all seriousness though, Betts gets really REAL around minute 50. No lie. Shit gets really. He almost cries.

Then Morgan breaks the ice by spilling beer all over the place.

However, if you would like to see them in the immediate (ie: next few days) future, you can check out Morgan at Failure to Thrive: Sketch-Meets-Lit this Saturday (the 21st) at Theatre St-Catherine.

You can catch both Chris Betts AND Morgan O’Shea (AND Stephen Spinola AND Go Plug Yourself’s own Walter J. Lyng) this coming Wednesday (the 25th) at the “Shut Up and Laugh!” Burritoville Comedy CD Recording!

Unfortunately we apparently couldn’t afford the appearance fee for Betts’ beard, so it was just Chris Betts.

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