Listen up you beautiful babies – this podcast has always been adjacent to one of Montreal’s greatest comedy nights “The World’s Smallest Comedy Night” live each week from Hurley’s in the heart of downtown Montreal. So much so that this very real news article links the foundation of the “World’s Smallest Comedy Night” right back to a recording of this very podcast some 6 years ago. So it stands to reason that Go Plug Yourself is one of the first places you are hearing about the World’s Smallest Comedy Festival which will be taking place next month from July 21st to the 31st mostly at Hurley’s Irish Pub on Crescent Street.

Walter J. Lyng and Troy Stark came to the back of Grumpy’s to talk all about their sales jobs and also the second edition of The World’s Smallest Comedy Festival. This is doubly exciting for Go Plug Yourself because guess what? We will be recording Go Plug Yourself 300 LIVE on July 22nd at 6 pm from Hurley’s as part of the festival! Say whaaaaat!? I’ll say it again.

Go Plug Yourself 300 will be LIVE at The World’s Smallest Comedy Festival – it will be our first live episode in over 4 years! That’s crazy!

There’s plenty of other (realistically better) comedy options for you to enjoy for all 10 days of the festival as well so you should keep tabs on for the full lineup. So sit back, relax, listen to this podcast and keep an eye out for more announcements regarding the true spirit of comedy in Montreal.

Enjoy the show!

Credit Where Credit is Due

As always, a big thank you to the providers of our theme song: Leighland Beckman and Aural Turpitude!

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