If you were following the 9to5 (twitter)account last night, you probably realized that I was watching the latest WWE Pay-Per-View, Elimination Chamber. I drank a lot of beer and had terrible service from an awful waitress at PJ’s but otherwise it was a pretty decent (in my opinion) PPV. Here’s what I remember about the matches.

None of these men were actually in the Elimination Chamber

None of these men were actually in the Elimination Chamber

And away we go.Alberto Del Rio (W) vs Big Show
Del Rio uses a bunch of Rey Mysterio techniques on Big Show, botches a flying kick and then “locks in” a pathetic looking submission move.

Antonio Cesaro (W) vs The Miz
I had to look up who won this match since it was completely forgettable, I remember Miz botching the Figure-4 again though.

Kane vs Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton vs Mark Henry vs Chris Jericho vs Jack Swagger (W)
Despite the lack of a title on the line, this was the best Elimination Chamber in a long time, not gimmicky, just good ring work from everyone.

The Shield (W) vs Cena, Ryback and Sheamus
The WWE’s equivalent of the Justice League fights The Shield and loses, Shield looked great beating the ultra-face squad. Hope they stick around.

Dolph Ziggler (W) vs Kofi Kingston
I guess they needed to remind us that Ziggler still had the Money in the Bank and was still a heel. Well played WWE.

Tamina Snuka vs Kaitlyn (W)
A short but well wrestled match by two of the only ladies on the roster who can actually wrestle, now if only the ladies can get decent stories.

CM Punk vs The Rock (W)
Punk makes Rocky look like an old man in a match full of wrestling clichés and a sketchy finish, meaning this storyline might not even be done with.

After the mostly disappointing Royal Rumble it was good to see the WWE kick it up a notch for ‘Chamber. A few risks, a few heel wins and Wrestlemania is better poised to be entertaining than it was on Friday. The only exception being a “Once in a Lifetime” re-match. Well, the WWE has almost 7 weeks to try to make that match more interesting too. They probably won’t though.

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