Disclaimer: This article does not ask for your money, eventually, we’ll probably ask for your money, but this article is not the one that we’ll do it in.

You thought there wasn’t gonna be a Fuck Mondays today didn’t you? You thought today would be the first day that we slipped up and missed our promise of having daily garbage Monday to Friday didn’t you?

In truth, that might actually happen next Thursday, I think we might be out of properly formatted comics. Gotta talk to Scott about that one.

If you’re wondering exactly to what degree I’m phoning in this article, I would like to draw your attention to the image on your right. It is my public submission to the rest of the 9to5 crew (they don’t know about it yet) for the official 9to5 mascot. I named him Snakey, and he is a snake. I’m gonna start moving in on that Friday thing I swear to God.

I know I promised to complain about skinny jeans today and I have no doubt that eventually I will do so. If you’re wearing girl jeans I have a problem with you as a person.

You know how we (men) all want our father’s approval? Guess what, your dad doesn’t approve of you and your fucking skinny jeans. Ok, I’m already dipping into the depths of the comedy well of skinny jeans. I’d better stop because, like I said, this is not the article about the skinny jeans. That will be written later. Not now. Later.

Instead, this is just an article about how 9to5 (dot cc) is doing and what we’re going to be doing in the upcoming weeks. We launched August 1st, which means that we’ve done 4 full weeks of the weekly articles/comics. I think that’s pretty cool, but we’re still a long way off from where we want to be.

Like I just said, we’ve basically been running for a month and we have had a few thousand hits from a little over a thousand people. That’s not so bad right? Nope, we like to think that that’s a pretty good thing. Of course, by we, I mean me. Scott is pretty pre-occupied with the whole getting married thing and will probably be making that his main priority in the next few weeks (selfish much?). Sophie is very busy being creative with makeup and stuff, and while I hope she can find a little more time for the site, her contributions will also probably have to wait for a little while. Jorn? Well, to be honest, I have no idea why he isn’t more active up in this 9to5 (dot cc) thing. He probably hates me.

But he will be in our upcoming podcast! That’s right, as Scott mentioned we’ll be busting out the microphones for the first ever 9to5 (podcast)! I mean, that is, if he answers my emails. He doesn’t do that very often honestly.

Fuck you, I like the visual aesthetics of brackets.

So yeah, to celebrate our first month of operation we’re branching out (like we promised we would) into podcasting, the first few will probably be a little sporadic while we figure out how long it takes for me to edit them together and record them. When we have that all figured out we’ll try to stick to some sort of regularly updated schedule.

Also, hopefully coming in Month #2 of 9to5 (cc) will be some updates from Jorn. I should probably talk to him about that too. He’s always like “I could write this and that and this and that and I read so many books and Keith why are you watching me pee?”. Have you read this article Jornathan? It’s fucking terrible. You could and (should) do better.

Because you’re better than me.

My mom says everyone is better than me.

I don’t really like the word “podcast”.

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