I know that I planned on following up on Just for Laughs, but really, I just wanted to show you the photo of Ken Jeong and I. There it is, in all of its glory.

It lends evidence to my theory that people in Hollywood have huge heads. Not huge egos, but huge heads. I have a pretty big head myself, and my head is positively tiny in comparison to Ken Jeong’s. I watch a lot of Community (and you should too) and I’ve never really gotten the impression that Joel McHale had a particularly huge head, but he must!

Moving right along, remember when I said that I went to Russell Peters “Best Night Ever” Gala show? Well, if you keep reading I’ll share some of the best jokes from that night (that notebook was good for something!)

So, for those of you not paying attention, the lineup for the show was Russell Peters (host), Sebastian Moscoli, Nick Thune, Dom Irerra, Jimmy Carr, Jeremy Hotz.

The show opened with a touching montage (I hate being touched) of footage of legendary comics with backstage jitters before taking the stage at Just for Laughs, the footage moving into the comics calling out latecomers to the show (best response to someone showing up late for a show? Steve Martin. “Oh hello sir, sit right down, that chair was reserved for Tony Hayward from BP Oil, but it seems that you’re just as big of an asshole so you can have the seat.”) and finally a montage of the comedians blowing their bits, needing to check notes, etc (best of these was Mitch Hedberg. “This isn’t a list of my jokes that I’m checking out, it’s just some positive reinforcement. It says: Mitch, you’re doing great.”). Good stuff.

Russell Peters

Honestly, Peters was probably the least memorable comic of the night. I guess that might be partially because as host, your job is to keep the audience “up” no matter what the other comics do. As a result you might stick to your safer bits, I don’t know. Either way, his best Laugh Out Loud (or LOL, it’s a new slang I’m trying out) moment was this:

My sister’s husband is Jewish, and he seems to be becoming MORE Jewish. Like, he won’t drive BMWs or wear Hugo Boss because of their association with the Nazis. Nobody at Hugo Boss was a Nazi anymore, when can you let go? That’s like saying black people shouldn’t wear cotton.

Sebastian Moscoli

As the opener, following Peters must be a rough spot. People paid a lot of cash to see the big name and then you go on right after his opening monologue? That’s a lot of pressure.  His best:

I hate ordering at Subways, there’s too many options. I wish all sandwich places were run by old Italian men, you wouldn’t even have a choice to make, you would come in, pay some money and get a delicious sandwich.

He also did a slightly noteworthy bit about how dancing is no longer flirting, it’s just trying to get as close as possible to fucking on the dancefloor as you can, to try it out before you take it home.

Nick Thune

A skinny hipster guy with offbeat, observational comedy. Nope, not Demetri Martin. Nick Thune. Thune showed up on stage with thick framed glasses and a guitar, and other than the obvious Demetri Martin comparisons, he was a great act. A little groan inducing at times, but delivered so dry it produced real laughs.

C-sections are the Delissio pizzas of childbirth since they’re not delivery.

My internet went down 3 days ago, my neighbours moved away.

Dom Irerra

Irerra is a veteran not just of the festival but also of comedy in general, at 64 years old he’s probably seen and done it all. Supposedly he’s made more appearances at Just for Laughs than any other American comic. Not bad. That being said, he’s still 64 years old and while he’s certainly a mainstay of comedy, a lot of his jokes certainly seemed geared towards an older audience. I can imagine my parents cracking up to some of his bits, but not everything he did was geared towards me.

I’ve decided that I’m going to adopt a 5 year old Korean girl (pause for applause). She can help my program my iPhone and then I’ll take her back.

Jimmy Carr

I’ve seen some Jimmy Carr sets before, and his set here seemed a little tame by comparison to other stuff I’ve seen. Sort of felt like he was censoring himself a little for his audience of middle aged anglo Montrealers. He still crossed some lines into edgier stuff though, as a result was probably my favorite comic of the night.

Everyone is so into recycling these days, reduce, re-use, recycle… but they looks they give you when you start rinsing out the condom.

I’m feeling a little lovesick lately honestly, of course, the doctors call it chlamydia.

Sadly, my girlfriend and I cant have children… … the way we do it.

My girlfriend has a hard time having an orgasm, I gave her an orgasm once and she just spat it back in my face.

Jeremy Hotz

I found out later that Hotz was the only comic who was completely non-reliant on a teleprompter. The other comics seemingly had their entire bits written out on the teleprompter, and the screen was just blank for Hotz. I would loved to have seen his other 3 shows at the gala to see how much of his set was just off the cuff. His “sad depressed Canadian” bit is legitimately funny, but hard to break down into actual jokes. He just sort of rambles on in a certain way that is hilarious. Key moments of not really a joke but still hilarious included his extended rant about the fact that there was massive amounts of construction right in the middle of the festival site. Fucking Montreal. Sadly, due to the nature of his comedy, I couldn’t really pinpoint single moments of hilarity. Just look him up instead.

Finally, last week was our first week of being fully operational, I posted… umm… 6 or 7 articles and the “About” page. I’m doing my part to stay hyped as we build our content base. Scott is afraid to get excited.


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