I'm gonna wake up early and edit a podcast for all our loyal fans!And so I did, everything went pretty smoothly, I had previously cleaned up the audio file so all I had to do was record a little intro and outro explaining that there was no intro and outro (we took 3 hours of recording and chopped it up into 3 separate podcasts) and slap on the theme song and convert the whole thing to MP3 and upload it on our file hosting service. Then it would just be a question of writing the accompanying blog post while I was working on a break from work or something. I got all that done and headed out of the house to my 9to5.

I’ll be the first to admit that I have an insanely tame commute by most commuting standards. I basically walk a block to the bus stop, take one bus for about 10 minutes directly to the metro, and then ride a single metro line (the orange line) directly to work: my office connects to the metro; I don’t even have to go outside or anything. This whole process takes less than 40 minutes. That being said, there’s some things I simply can’t abide by, especially on a Monday morning where my whole body is sore from paintballing on Saturday.

As a result of that lady on the escalator I only had time to grab an energy drink instead of the delicious coffee my body so desired. Drinking energy drinks in the morning gives your body the caffeine and stuff that you often need, but lacks the “warming your soul” feeling that a warm cup of coffee can provide. This loss was especially poignant this morning since I did not dress properly for the cold weather (I chose the flimsier of two scarves and was wearing only a t-shirt under a blazer, fuck you, I’m from Montreal: we thrive in the cold. As long as we can get some coffee once we get inside).  While I sip from my can of Guru on the elevator up to my office I thought “I wonder what Jorno wrote about last night, I’ll use his post for the Fuck Monday.” Why would I think that? Good question. Well, we had our first ever comic strip planning night last week, since like I’ve said previously, we’re going to be moving over to a more scripted webcomic in the next few weeks. Jornathan got a little drunk and well…

So I had nothing to worry about! The dude spends so much time on the computer he would definitely come through with something- right? Well, what have you been reading these past few minutes? Oh that’s right, a post by me, in the Fuck Mondays slot. I think I saw him online playing Dark Souls at about 8:00 am this morning. Anyhow, watch for 9to5 Entertainment System 3 to get posted later today and enjoy the last few vintage style 9to5 (illustrated) comics these next few weeks  since soon they will be a thing of the past.

I think I still need a fucking coffee.