Ok, so sorry about the delay in this post. I was up at Jorn’s parents’ cottage for Thanksgiving and was up pretty late last night (watching Thor) and was woken up early this morning by a bunch of hippies eating muesli. These weren’t your run of the mill hippies either, these were Bear Grylls hippies. The kind of hippies who hunted geese and want to get into primitive bow hunting. I don’t think I’m doing a good job explaining these people. They’re good people, they just like the woods a lot more than I do. Just being around them made me feel slightly guilty about having a website, since in the back of my head I was trying to figure out if contributing to a website increased my carbon footprint or not (it’s bad enough that Scott busts my balls about having a Kindle).

Anyhow, you may have seen this video from last March when Jorn and I went to PAX East in Boston and our girlfriends’ took the camera and ran around the city in ridiculous plushie hats from Korea. That video is not the only creation that was born of that trip. There is another.Hanging out with Jorn and his girlfriend this weekend made me think about that fateful Boston pilgrimage. It made me think of terrible things. Terrible, awful things. While we were having a discussion about Prince, Sarah was uncharacteristically quiet. Just sitting in the corner playing on the computer, probably browsing Facebook or something (that’s what girls do right? They go on Facebook?). When we tried to engage her in the conversation we were having about Prince she just started giggling and turned the screen towards us to show us exactly she was doing on the computer all this time:

I don't know if this makes it better or worse but this was done with a touchpad, not a mouse or tablet

It’s ok, you can be impressed now.

On that note: Fuck Mondays, I’m going to the park.