James McGee is back on the show. He’s repped his wrestling career, his improv career and now he’s here to plug his one-man, fully scripted, show! He’s an actor everybody! An entertainer! James really doesn’t seem to be so sure if his show is any good, but listen to this show and I’m pretty confident it will be. Trust me. Or rather, trust him. It’s going to be good.fringethisguy

As always,  a big thank you to the providers of our theme song: Aural Turpitude!

Tickets and more info on the official page, HERE.

Montreal Improv Theatre
3697 Saint-Laurent

Sam/Sat 13 Juin/June / 22:30
Dim/Sun 14 Juin/June / 17:00
Lun/Mon 15 Juin/June / 21:45
Ven/Fri 19 Juin/June / 23:59
Sam/Sat 20 Juin/June / 17:15
Dim/Sun 21 Juin/June / 20:30