The moment I saw the trailer, I was sold. Classic 80s action/horror tropes, overly cool one liners and superb character designs! I mentioned to Keith I was gonna go see this one, and he pointed out they had previously released a short film with Chuck Steel so I had to check that out before seeing the movie. I am so glad I did, I laughed so hard.

Before getting into my thoughts of the feature length movie, feel free to check out the trailer right here, and the short film Raging Balls of Steel Justice right here. Go on, I promise you`ll appreciate them.

I was not disappointed. This movie not only lived up to the original short film, it surpassed it. In every way.

The writing and comedic timing were on the fucking money, and the voice acting talents sold it all perfectly. Mike Mort not only wrote and directed this blazing success, he starred as Chuck Steel himself, and voiced several other characters. Jennifer Saunders lent her voice to Dr Alex Cular, giving the character the final touch it needed to really work.

The story is what you want it to be, when you are an incorrigible 80s nostalgic sap. The over-the-top, doesn`t-play-by-the-rules-cop-who-works-alone finds himself at the bottom of the barrel. As he struggles to be true to himself and keep his job at the same time, an outbreak of Trampires hits the city. Heartbreak, betrayal, loss, redemption, totally 80s sexploitation of an intellectual female character as part of the hero’s “inner turmoil nightmares”… Everything worked to make the perfect 80s tribute. I was reminded of Die Hard and Fright Night and so much more, all mashed into one fabulous story.

The puppet designs were absolutely stellar. The hair and fashion of the mid 1980s were evidently well researched and replicated, but what really stood out to me was the design for the Trampires, as well as the Master Trampire. The meticulous details involved in replicating this distinct retro style was definitely appreciated. And they all just looked so cool hahaha I hope they come up with some replicas as merch, because I want them in my house.

I had the privilege of sitting down with Mike Mort himself after the screening, go check out the full interview here!