I took this picture this morning! It's the hospital!

I took this picture this morning! It’s the hospital!

Did I Write This Week?

Hey! This is pretty exciting really. Not only did I write this week but I also managed to get a bunch of backlog taken care of with the website. I cleaned up gigs and gigs of raw audio files from the podcast from months of accumulation and I also edited together our next very special episode of the 9to5 Movie Club.

Not only that, I’m even writing THIS VERY ARTICLE in advance. Say whaaaaaatttt? Man I really called it last week when I said I had the itch to hammer some stuff out this week.

It was a pretty great weekend.

What Did I Write?

I completed the 17th part/chapter of the gonzo zombie saga, that means only 2 parts left and as I chug forwards in the story the actual finale is becoming clearer and clearer to me. That means that if I can just find a few more hours to sit down and write I will actually finish a thing!

Something that I’ve come across as I try to wrap this whole thing up that’s kind of interesting is a new found respect for the old serial pulp authors of old. Does anybody still write ongoing serial-style fiction anymore? Is that still a thing? Does Doc Savage go on any more adventures? I guess the closest thing that happens in print nowadays are comic books.

Actually, that’s a good point of comparison. I now understand how story lines and plot holes creep up so frequently in comic books. I’m assuming that nowadays most writers have their overall story arcs all planned out before they start a run of any given title. It just makes sense.

But still, there’s lots of little details that probably don’t get worked out until actual time of writing. Bits of dialogue, settings, and the like that don’t get finalized until the moment the script gets its final stamp of approval. But then, once it goes out to the artist and finally printed, it’s done. It’s set in ink forever.

Five or six issues later when the author is like “oh crap, this would’ve made a heckuva lot more sense at Location X” it’s too late, the scene was already set for Location Y. The team just has to live with it now. It must be infuriating because when writing on a deadline you’re stuck in a position where you need to go with your best idea at deadline day. As the story progresses and evolves you might look back at a previous decision and realize that you’ve got a way better idea of how it should have played out.

Or worse, you might be building towards your finale and realize that one of your seemingly irrelevant decisions is now in direct opposition with how you want something to play out.

That’s kind of the situation I got stuck in while writing this week. I realized that I never really defined how or where the upper class of New Bunker (the city where the main plot of the Zombie thing is set) live. In fact, when I wrote an entire entry about the city I not only didn’t account for it, I actually created a situation that made no sense in relation to how it all comes together. Now, as I maneuver the story towards its climax it was a pretty big problem considering what I had previously written. It seemed like a minor detail at the time, but as things come together I was kind of stuck.

Fortunately, I don’t work in print; I work on the internet. So that means I could just go back into the previous entry and edit a few things to make sure that it now lines up with what I’m writing. Ha ha! Take that continuity, I can fix something that I wrote back in 2012 to make sense with what I wrote in 2016! I’m a wizard!

All that to say I’ve got a newfound understanding of how timelines get so messed up in comic books. They’ve got massive teams of writers all telling their stories in the same universe, then handing those stories off to other writers and they’re stuck with whatever they wrote being essentially set in stone once it goes to print. I guess that’s why ret-conning is so commonplace.

It’s also cool to know my brain seems to keep track of that sort of thing and lets me know that I need to fix and tighten up some of my plot holes. I am sure it will help me tremendously when putting together something even bigger.

Anyhow, I’m almost done the Zombie thing!

Keith does all sorts of things here on 9to5.cc, he works with the other founders on 9to5 (illustrated), co-hosts our two podcasts: The 9to5 Entertainment System and Go Plug Yourself and blogs here as The Perspicacious Geek.

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