In light of the very exciting news that Neil Gaiman will be writing a new mini series as a prequel to the Sandman series,  i decided to dig up a piece i did sometime last year for the Comic Art Club.

With a vast cast of colorful characters to chose from, i chose to interpret the androgynous Desire.

I looked a long time before finding the right person to use as a model. I think i landed on the perfect one; Annie Lennox.

I decided not to color so much as lightly shade in pale greys, to accentuate features or clothing just a touch, and of course a ruby red for the lips. When it was done, i was happy with how simple it was, but it lacked impact. Adding a butterfly was appropriate i think 🙂

I love how it turned out. Whether you look at Desire as a man or woman, it is beautiful and draws you in.

I look forward to reading Neil`s new story.


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