The Montreal arts and entertainment podcast that asks Montreal stand-up and sketch comedian Daniel Carin: Who is the teacher/mentor that influenced you the most? That question asked by the awesome punk rockers Taxi Girls back in episode 292.

Daniel Carin joins Lawrence Corber and I to talk about the deep meaningful things in life. Things like wrestling, the cancellation of the Just for Laughs festival and a religious educator that told a young Daniel Carin “You’re funny – and not just for a kid.” A moment that changed his life forever.

If you haven’t already, you should do yourself a favour and get yourself a ticket or two (or three) to “An Evening with Ladies & Gentlemen” coming up April 2nd at Theatre Saint Catherine.

Ladies & Gentlemen are an award winning sketch comedy troupe consisting of actor/comedian/bon-vivant and playboy Chris Sandiford (“What We Do In The Shadows” / “God’s Favourite Idiot”) and writer/comedian/mole person Daniel Carin (“N/A” / “TBD”)

While you’re at it you can also subscribe to Daniel Carin’s easy-listening radio show “Advice by the Fireplace” if you find yourself thinking “boy – that Keith is just like WAY too much sometimes.”

Anyways, sit back, relax and enjoy the show and decide for yourself whether or not we are witnessing the death of comedy in the fair city of Montreal.

Credit Where Credit is Due

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