Here is something i would like to get back into, and soon. When i went to school to learn make up and special effects, i also learned prosthetics and creature design. My final exam was exactly that, i had to make a facial prosthetic and apply it on a model for a photoshoot.

A very kind buddy at work agreed to be my victim. I mean model. I decided to create my own type of satyr, instead of going with an existing monster/character (Hellboy, for example)I first has to make a cast of his face, and his ears. I feel bad about this, he absolutely hates having his ears touched hahahah! I had tplug them up with a vaseline soaked cotton piece, before pouring a gelatinous goo all over them. He wanted to kill me. Once i had the life-casts ready, i began sculpting. I created an animalistic brow and nose, with fleshy holes on the forehead from which the horns were to protrude. I sculpted said horns. My favorite thing to sculpt by far was the ears. I wanted them pointed-ish, like an elf sort of, but i also wanted them to have a droopish, fawn-like quality. I think i managed it well.

Once everything was sculpted, we had to make a mold of the appliances, and pour them out in foam latex. For the horns however, i used dental acrylic to make a hard bone-like exterior, but filled them up with polyurethane foam to keep them light. I took some photos of the building process.


The second photo is of the day of the photo shoot. The spikes i glued on his forehead are so that i can jam the horns on nice and solid. It worked well.

It took forever to make the seams of the appliance disappear completely, and make the edges absolutely invisible where his actual skin came out. I then painted him up to match the appliances, then dusted a gold power all over him. Then gold glitter. He absolutely loved that let me tell you. His eyes sparkled with intentions of murder. I ignored him, i wanted his skin to look all pretty and sparkly like in Legend. I painted up some organic looking tribal stuff on his chest and shoulders, and stuck him in a dark room.

I wanted it to look like he was popping out of the darkness. The poor photographer had to change all his lighting scheme but i got what i wanted!






















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