Amy Blackmore joins the Montreal podcast that asks the question: “Who have you thought about recently from your past that you realized you had forgotten about?” (asked by Tim Riel back in episode 227).

Amy Blackmore has had a hell of year.

We’ve all had a hell of year but Amy’s might have taken the cake.

From having Mainline Theater shut down due to the pandemic (followed rapidly by the cancellation of any live and in person Fringe shows) to overcoming a string of personal issues let me just say that the fact the she is going full steam ahead right now is absolute craziness.

But, dwelling on the negative is for suckers and Amy Blackmore is no sucker. Amy also comes up with probably the most succinct answers ever to Question 3.

So it is that we welcome Amy back to the show to talk about the very imminent (hopefully) return of live theater, staying positive as we approach the finish line to all this shit and more. Things are finally getting close to being back to normal, let’s stay safe, do the thing and hopefully in 6 months this will all start fading into a distant memory. Let’s go.

Enjoy the show!

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