falbombKeith has been slowly writing a serialized story that takes the form of a recurring “column” written by a gonzo journalist in a zombie infested wasteland by the name of St-Brigid. You should probably read them. There’s no NSFW images in the story but there’s plenty of cussing and in terms of text content some episodes get extremely rough.


  1. Introducing St-Brigid
  2. The Road Never Travelled
  3. The Smell of Death
  4. A Walk in the Park
  5. The Filth of the Living
  6. The Price of Admission
  7. Gloryhole (NSFW)
  8. Into the Black
  9. The Agreement
  10. The Next Step
  11. Negative Creep
  12. Gastric City Planning
  13. Pseudonimity
  14. This Is Out of My Range
  15. Not Careful Enough
  16. Job Well Done, Boys
  17. Bleed, Bleed, Bleed
  18. The Great Unravelling
  19. Lifting the Curtain
  20. This Is The End