As we get closer and closer to hosting 9ES once every two weeks (and the kinks of the Go Plug Yourself schedule continue to work themselves out) we are pleased to share with you 9to5 Entertainment System Episode 4: Get Famous Robbin’ Shit.



As always Jon, Scott and I banter about geekdom.

Here’s what we talk about:

Intro: We talk about a pretty giant poutine, I ate it all, it hurt my tummy, Scott gets racist.
3:15: Scott talks about the comic “Secret Origins” which he knows nothing about, not even the title which is actually “The Secret History“.
6:45: We talk about the novel “Boardwalk Empire” (by Nelson Johnson), inspiration to the popular HBO series of the same name. We also touch on Havanah Nocturne, which you should also read. Also, in order to sort of win an argument through time the average height of a man in the 1930’s was a little under 5’8″ in the US, average height now 5’9 1/2″. We keep talking about true crime stories, including Public Enemies.
17:55: With a smooth silky transition we move from crime to movie talk, including the Godfather Trilogy, Scarface, Megan Fox’s nubby little thumbs and Superman’s muderous child.
23:30: Dr. Who, I (Keith) watch a lot of Dr. Who. This week, I talk about the 3rd Doctor’s ongoing rivalry with the Master and we get into the awesomeness of Inspector Spacetime.
33:55: A little love for Dan Harmon.
34:34: Jono watches a lot of X-Files. We in turn talk a lot about X-Files.
38:30: Aaaaannnddd… back to Dr. Who and then back to X-Files
43:00: Scott doesn’t have Netflix, so they’ll never sponsor us.
45:15: Now we’re talking about Buffy and Angel. That’s right, Scott and Jon are watching shows from the 90s and I’m watching a show from the 70s. We are nothing if not current on 9ES. Scott says “Whedon-esque”, which I can’t really mock since I said “Whovian”. Lots of Joss Whedon talk ensues, including the Avengers.
53:50: Video game talk! Bioshock: Infitinite, Diablo III, Skinny Big Boob Girl, Dead or Alive (and boobs) and then Jon gets really dark.
1:00:00: Scott talks about this and this, we also talk about Duck Sauce’s new track “Big Bad Wolf“. Scott talks about a band that sounds like Mumford and Sons: Little Red. Scott’s a big hipster. We talk about Gotye, Feist, Boys Noize. Scott says “punk rock pedigree”. We then tear into Lulu.

The song we use in the intro is “Shiny Spaceship” by the 8-bit Ninjas.  Used under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License.


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