It’s a Wednesday! According to that banner up there we make comics on Wednesdays! Well, actually, we make comics in a complicated collaborative process that spans over ALL of the days, but you get to see them on Wednesdays! Glory day.

Like I said last week, we have one last full colour story arch in the bag to share with you, this is that story arch.

It looks like the gang is going to hop into the van that you never knew they owned and head over to the haunted house to solve a groovy mystery.

If you can’t tell we’re channeling Scooby Doo on this one. Pretty heavily. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to mention who took the “lead” on writing this or not. This is something that we’ll discuss and then I’ll get back to you. The new process though is that one of the four of us becomes a “head writer” for four strips and the other 3 of us bounce ideas off that person to flesh out the strips the best we can. It’s a little bit different from the free-for-all that we used to engage in.

The best part is that Ronan is a hobo.

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