That escalated quickly.

If you’re not sure, each of the four of us takes turns writing 4 comics a piece before passing it on to the next one. We all edit and have some say in the comics, and we try to pick up where the last writer has left off when possible, but the driving force behind each arc is an individual. The current Lovecraftian arc has been mine, and I guess I felt it was time to kick things up a notch before next week’s thrilling conclusion.

I wrote most of these scripts a few months ago, and it was just luck that it rolled out in October. Keith and Jon play an awful lot of the Arkham Horror board game, and after I’d played it a few times, I downloaded a few audio-books and radio plays of Lovecraft’s work and listened to them while going to sleep. I highly recommend them all, but perhaps playing them unto my slumbering ears and right into my subconscious mind was a bit of a mistake. I had some pretty messed up dreams, not to mention the times I woke up completely soaking wet and smelling of the sea.

But that is a horse of a different colour.

It seems like Konrad has really gotten himself into a bind here. I sure hope he pulls through.

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