The continuity may make the change invisible to the reader, but this is where I take over as author from Scott’s strips. Speaking of that: we’ve achieved a heretofore unknown level of continuity. Will it make them more amusing? Will it irritate the Constant Reader? Some other webcomic nerds are legendary for their moist hatred for continuity, but I’ve never seen why. A real danger for any comedic effort is letting the plot matter more than the humor (see: the last five Adam Sandler films), but I really doubt that we’re risking that with our efforts. Firstly, because ignoring the plot to be funny is core to our work, and secondly, our author switcharoos make sure our work is schizophrenically plot-inconsistent, and thirdly, Adam won’t return our calls.

I am delighted by the next four comics and I hope you are too.

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