So back in May, Sarah and I got a little dog. We had already picked a name: Zelda.

Because we’re snobby about it I think it’s important to note that we named her after the first flapper: Zelda Fitzgerald and not, as many people suspect, after Prince Zelda.

Little did we know that this little dog would embrace her namesake fully and become a bit of an unpredictable disaster with her fair share of issues.

We still love her though.

There are few things in life that can turn around a shitty day like a dog being happy to see you when you get home.

There’s a hidden joke here if you know how our house is set up. During the day we keep Zelda confined in the kitchen, her bed, food etc at her disposal. More often than not though, the little Houdini finds a way to escape and is sure enough sitting by the door, tail wagging, when we open the door.

But how can you be mad at that face?

PS: My wife would be mad if I didn’t mention that yes, obviously, Zelda has her own Instagram account: @zelda_cav

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