Evil Dead II was possibly the first horror movie I loved.

Keith and Jon are both horror movie officiandos, and Sophie doesn’t like scary movies at all. I’m somewhere in the middle. I like them well enough, generally, but I’m not a rabid fan. Truth be told, I’m rather jumpy when it comes to horror, so I have to be in the right frame of mind to sit down and enjoy one. I’m also not a huge fan of the “torture porn” sub-genre, and prefer my horror mixed with either a touch of comedy or mystery. (I quite like “Army of Darkness” as well as “Saw”, but stuff like “Hostel” makes my skin crawl and I’m uncomfortable the whole way through. I guess I’m just particular.)

But I clearly remember watching “Evil Dead II” with my friend Adrian when we were in grade 9. We had a tv to ourselves that night, and we watched it in his basement. (The basement was semi-finished, had an old carpet and an old couch, a television and vcr, and the walls were lined with his father’s classical record collection. It was cold and a little bit musty, but that also kept the rest of his family from intruding too much.)

We had been told to expect a tree violating a woman (by a classmate who had mixed this film up with it’s predecessor) and more fake blood than had ever been used in a film previous. We laughed a plenty, I jumped a bit at the cheap shocks, and then wondered if there would ever be an Evil Dead III. It took us about a year to figure out that Army of Darkness was already out on video (oh pre-internet times!) but it was our favorite movie for many a month afterwards, and we both wanted to be Ash.

I met Bruce Campbell a few years ago. My wife got a photo with him and a DVD autographed.

I also want to say I had the best time colouring these comics.

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