Keithmas is not a thing that we made up for the strip.

Seriously, we’ve been celebrating it for 6 or 7 years now I think, which of course predates the internet. Not really. It just predates the site. Which in my mind means the internet just didn’t exist.

Here’s the spirit of Keithmas, feel free to rip it off and make it your own:

The worst part of the holidays is that you have to spend it with your family, you should probably spend it with your friends, it’ll be more fun and you can get more drunk.

I started Keithmas when I was pretty poor, so a lot of the “Keithmas Traditions” have a weird poorhouse slant, but here there are in case you want to start you’re own Keithmas:

  • Keithmas is traditionally celebrated on December 27th, but you can move it to the Friday before or after to make sure you can get trashed.
  • Traditional Keithmas dinner is grilled cheese sandwiches. Or “Cheese Toasties” as they’re called this time of year.
  • The traditional Keithmas snack is something bacon related, in years past we’ve had bacon-canes, two types of bacon cookies, the “bacon weave” (woven bacon with cheese on the inside) and bacon popcorn. Be creative!
  • The mascot of Keithmas, as illustrated, is the Luchabear. He gives you shitty DVDs that you pick up at the bargain bin. Look, here he is now! Wearing an adorable Hen-Tie t-shirt! He is real!
  • Presents can either be good presents, or the worst presents. If it’s a shitty present it needs to be hilarious though, so shop wisely. Basically, your presents should be either more awesome or at least funnier than anything your family might get you (no socks or sweaters, unless it’s a hockey sweater).
  • Everyone leaves their disagreements at the door and we all party, get presents and get drunk.
Celebrate Keithmas today! It’s the Christmas in December!
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