I remember at a certain point there was talk of no longer portraying Jon as a cross dresser. We really threw that policy out the window. In fact, in the next couple of weeks Jon will be in drag at least twice more. I don’t know why it’s so funny or why we keep doing it. I suspect dark forces at work.

Hey guess what? The site’s been updated! That means we’re going to start posting comics weekly again. Soon. We’ve got a couple of pinups to get people back in the habit of checking in on Wednesdays. First up is the crew in fine form as the cast of Three’s Company. In this case, if you’ve seen the show you know that Scott is in the role of the homophobic landlord Mr. Roper (his stern expression and lack of a neckerchief leads me to believe he is not Mr. Furley).  Sophie’s Jack Tripper, Jon is Chrissy Snow and I’m Janet Wood. I always thought Janet was hotter than Chrissy so I’m pretty cool with it.

Now would probably be a good time to go back and read the last few comics in the Cabin in the Woods/zombie story line we’ve were working on, since we’ll be picking up right where we left off. That story line starts HERE.

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