This is pretty much our creative process.

The three boys sit in a room and Sophie joins us via some sort of magical internet connectivity thingie or something. Her face is on a screen and she can see and hear us. Disturbing I know, I don’t know where she is but I feel like we will have to go on some epic quest into the internet to try and get her out. Each day I prepare for this eventuality.

However, for every joke that we’ve come up with, rest assured there are a dozen discarded dick jokes. While pitching a strip idea, I trailed off and said “Then we have our dicks out.” Scott was doodling a picture of a dick. Jon was drunk, but one has to assume he was thinking of dick. Sophie stood up from the webcam and proclaimed: “Cookies!”

The super secret fourth panel to this strip is that once Sophie got cookies, she also drew a picture of a dick and showed it to us via webcam.

I doubt these events actually happened this way, but that’s how I’m choosing to remember them. The important thing is: Dicks.

And cookies.

Life ain’t nothin’ but dicks and cookies, dicks and cookies.

I was seriously about to make a graphic for “Life ain’t nothin’ but dicks an’ cookies” and then I stopped myself, since I realized that even if I’m not on the clock, I’m still at work.

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