I really thought that these were not gonna be in colour anymore. Or at least, that they were gonna occasionally be in colour. I guess I should make that announcement eh? Well here it is, due to everyone’s 9to5’s (he said it!) we’re going to have to cut a few corners with the strips. Last week was hand coloured by Sophie and previous weeks were digitally coloured by Scott. This is pretty labour intensive for our resident artists, and as a group we decided that we wanted to be having fun. So starting possibly this Thursday, the strips will be going back to black and white, but still with fresh panel art. FRESH. Whenever the ColourBug (TM) bites either one of them, the strip will be in colour. But don’t expect it to happen too often, they’re both pretty racist. They hate colours. I’m just kidding, they love the colours.

I love posting from home instead of work, I’m writing this post in the bathroom.

You may have guessed that I’m beating around the bush here about this post. It’s because I’m not married to Scott’s wife (whom I affectionately refer to as “Pacman”). This comic sort of pokes the teeniest tiniest bit of fun and some of Pacman’s darker qualities. She yells at natures most charming creations and sustains herself on the tears of the pure hearted. You can see why I wouldn’t want to make fun of her in any way. The thought of the eventual spawn that Scott and her will bring to this world fills me with a sense of fear and dread.

That’s mostly from the fact that I may very well be referred to as “Unkie Keith” at some point in the future.

Happy 3(ish) months of wedded bliss ya’ll.

See ya Thursday.

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